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Frequently Asked Questions

I figured it'd be good to have an area where I can answer a bunch of questions about me and the process if you were curious and didn't want the pressure of a meeting. As always, please let me know if you have any questions whatsoever! I can always be reached by clicking the Contact button above!

Why does your work stand out from other wedding videographers?

I believe my work stands out from others because I don't make people do things that just "aren't them". And I believe that's why my videos are so emotional as well. I don't stick a camera and lens in their faces. In fact, I stay back a bit further so that you can be YOU.  I think that video guys and photographers ask the couple to do things that they normally wouldn't. "Hey pick her up and swing her around" and you're thinking, "Hmm...that's just not US." Then they get the footage/photos back and realize that it wasn't THEM the whole time. I don't look at a wedding as if it were MY shoot, it's your big day.

Will you discount my package if I book you for photography and videography for my wedding?

Yes! We just started doing bundled pricing! If you book both photography and video through us we will give you 10% off of the entire package!

What is the difference between a full length and a trailer? What do I get?

Basically, the "trailers" are the 4-10 minute highlight videos that are seen here, on my site, on my pinterest, etc. Most people share them to facebook and twitter. These are awesome because they are a quick recap of the entire day so, if someone can't make it to the wedding because let's say they are deployed to another country because they are in the Military and can't make it, or they are too old, or in the hospital, or in another state, or your guest list is just too big or whatever...they will be able to watch it as if they attended the wedding. They are usually cut to music. 


Then, the "full length" is usually around 40m-2 hours (if it needs to be) and it has everything. The entire ceremony from multiple different angles, the speeches, the entire cake cutting, etc etc. It's long but, I keep it moving! I also order custom DVDs are they are awesome!!! It's not like anything you can get in any store!

Why do people choose you to shoot their wedding?
How did you get started in videography  and photography?

My father passed away when he was really young unexpectedly. All I have in his memory is about 2 seconds of video. I've probably watched it a million times. Through that, I realized that you can be immortal through video or photos. It can make you live on forever. I realized how powerful it was and wanted to pursue it. Later, my daughter asked me to tell me stories about my dad to her when I put her to bed. To be honest, I've forgotten a lot of them. I thought it would have been such an amazing thing if I could have had a DVD of him just talking to the camera, telling stories about his life and where he grew up in Peru. So, I decided that I wanted to start filming people who were terminal and wanted their memory to live on. This was quickly derailed by commercial work.  I begged an engaged couple to let me shoot their wedding, and I'm so thankful that they let me. I realized it was just as emotional. I was hooked.

I understand the gravity of the situation. If someone hires me, it's because they are trusting me to capture the most important day of heir entire lives (unless they have a child) many cases, I spend 40+ hours editing these videos so, I get to see this person on the best day of their entire life for over 40 hours! By the time I'm finished editing, I love the couple.

Do I have to pay extra for you to fly a DRONE?

Nope!! I will always fly a drone at your wedding (weather and time permitting). 

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