On Saturday, April 21st I am offering my next FREE class. The event will be for all ages!

I plan to have shuttles travel to pick up and drop off underprivileged children with a chaperone. The theme for the class is WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE AVAILABLE. I will cover my entire process from lighting, to shooting, then editing live.

At the end of each class, I always give away tons of photography gear for up and comers like tripods from 3 Legged Thing, Lights from Paul C. Buff, Filters from Vid Atlantic, Backdrops from Savage Universal, and the highest quality prints from Iris Pro Imaging!


My team and I are super passionate about giving back to the arts community by offering FREE workshops!

I take the group through my entire process from hair and makeup, to lighting, shooting, and then to editing the photo LIVE for everyone to watch and edit along!

When I started offering these classes, I didn't know if 1 person or 10 would show up and to my surprise, the two classes have had 250-300 people in attendance from all over the country! I'm a former homeless guy with an 8th grade education, just lucky to be able to give this same opportunity to other people.

My team consists of the most respected talents in the industry. Joey Goldsmith as my lighting assistant, Matt Goodlett as my makeup and special effects artist, Misha Kidwell, Gary Barragan, Justin Sinkler, Michelle Villareal on hair, and many others contribute to make these events a smashing success!